Location, Location, Location

Year Posted: 2015

It's those three little words that keep home buyers and sellers talking.  But what does location, location, location really mean and what's the hype really all about when saying it?  You've certainly heard the phrase enough and may wonder what possesses people to say it three times. Or you may think it pertains to three different types of locations -- perhaps an excellent location, a mediocre location and a lousy location?  Using the word three times is actually the emphasis made mostly by real estate professionals due to the importance of the phrase overall.

Location of a property does, indeed, determine how the value of your home is going to grow.

Location can also help determine, to a certain degree, how easily your home will sell in any kind of market, up or down market that is.

Location, Location, Location is the number 1 rule to real estate and usually the most overlooked rule.

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You may have the ability to modify, add, or remodel your home, however moving your home is impossible since it's attached to the land.  With this said, here are some tips to help you choose a home in a good location when considering buying:


Tips on choosing a home in a good location:

Close to Outdoor Recreation and Nature

For example: homes near parks, hiking trails, lakes, etc. People want to be close to natural recreational activities.

Homes with a View

Some homes sell quickly and for top dollar because they provide sweeping panoramic views of the city at night, but even a small glimpse of mountain views out one window is enough to substantiate a good location. Other sought-after views include greenbelts or golf courses.

Near Entertainment and Shopping

You will find homes that are located within walking distance of movie theaters, restaurants and boutiques are more desirable since many people would rather walk than to drive to nightlife.

In Conforming Areas

People tend to gravitate toward others who share similar values and their homes reflect it. Home buyers mostly prefer to be surrounded by similar types of homes in age and construction.


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